This Is a Feel-Good Story About Madelaine Petsch’s Anxiety

Madelaine Petsch has the day off. She’s barefaced, wearing an oversize, baby-pink Fiorucci logo sweater, sitting on the floor of the Vancouver apartment she’s renting while shooting season 5 of Riverdale. Later, she’ll meet with her management team, then she needs to finish editing a video for her YouTube channel, and she still has lines to memorize. And she wants to make time to call her parents and older brother and maybe some friends in L.A.

But the first thing on her “day off” to-do list was a session with her therapist. They talked about how she often feels empty at the end of the day, and she realized it’s because she’s always working and giving “170 percent” of herself. This led to some crying. It’s been a few hours since it happened and she feels fine now. But, she admits, it was “a full-blown breakdown.”

I know, I know. This is a story you’ve heard before—The Ballad of the Anxious Young Hollywood Star. Madelaine gets it: At one point during our conversation, she pauses for a self-deprecating eye roll while she talks about “the trials and tribulations of being an actor.” She knows it’s hard to have sympathy for successful people who complain about their fame and how it comes with so many problems and stresses them out. But still, anxiety is anxiety, and being self-aware doesn’t always make it any easier. Plus, Madelaine’s not the kind of person who can just let things roll off her back.

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February 11th, 2021
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