Madelaine Petsch Explains How Her ‘Riverdale’ Character Cheryl Blossom Has Changed Over The Years

Madelaine Petsch As Cheryl Blossom

Riverdale actor Madelaine Petsch is hopeful for the future of her character, Cheryl Blossom!

The cast will be returning in the show’s darkest chapter yet, which will feature a seven-year time jump. In a special look at the fifth season, the show teased fans with “Senior Year Time Capsules”, short videos where the actors shared thoughts on their character’s fate.

Madelaine Petsch revisited how her character has grown through the years, and teased Cheryl Blossom’s bright future.

Cheryl Blossom To Have A Good Future?

Now, Cheryl Blossom isn’t the most likeable character on Riverdale, but she certainly is one of the most complicated ones. She’s self-absorbed, manipulative and shallow, but at the same time, can be surprisingly kind. Madelaine Petsch believes Cheryl’s more “driven” now, because she has her better half, Toni Topaz by her side.

“When Cheryl first started school, she was not as experienced in life. She’d never had a relationship, she was pushing down her sexuality, she wasn’t really taking charge of who she is and owning that,” said Madelaine.

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January 6th, 2021
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