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Madelaine Petsch is truly fascinated by her body. If you’ve caught an episode of CW’s Riverdale, it’s not hard to see why. But it goes way beyond the physical.

“The thing I love most about my body is how perplexed I am about all the things it can do,” she explained in the latest Body Scan video for Women’s Health. “The more I learn about my body the more fascinated I am by it.”

Madelaine’s also moving that bod a lot. She works out with trainer Stephen Pasterino, creator of Pvolve. Workouts are as much about Madelaine’s mental health as they are for her muscles. “The more I move the happier I’ll be. I link my mental health to working out.”

But still, she’s all about the abs, and it shows. “The body part I love exercising the most is my abs. I think that my abs feel the most pain and I love the feeling of being sore.”

It doesn’t take long for her to Feel. The. Burn. “My trainer does this thing called six-minute abs, which is honestly deathly. They are the hardest thing ever.” He doesn’t tell me what it is, every minute or 30 seconds he’ll switch to a new thing but he’ll never tell me because then my brain can’t anticipate it.”

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